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Louisiana Legislative History

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This LibGuide was created by our friends at Tulane University Law Library.  It has been adapted and used with their permission.


Act: a bill which has been enacted by the legislature

Amendment: a bill that changes an existing act

Bill: a proposed act drafted by a legislative body. Bills are usually numbered consecutively as they are introduced

LA Calendar: lists bills in numerical order, once a week during the session. It indexes bills and gives history and status.

LA House and Senate Journals: include daily outlines of a bill's progress, voting records of legislators, absence reports, etc. They do not include verbatim floor debates.

LA Resume: is published at the end of each legislative session and includes detailed tables of all legislative activity. It has short abstracts on changes made by new acts and information on vetoed, repealed or suspended laws. It is indexed and has tables with approval and effective dates by bill number and tables with statute sections effected.

Law: used to refer to cases, statutes, acts, regulations, ordinances, etc.

Statute/code: a subject based arrangement of the acts of a legislature

People Resources

Bill sponsors are sometimes the only source of information on state legislation. Bills list the sponsor information.

How Do I Compile a Legislative History?

From 1997 to the present, all available legislative history documents (except committee minutes*) are online here.

  • You will need the act number, year, and session of the legislation.  This information is in the historical notes following the statute in West's Louisiana Statutes Annotated.  With this information, you can go to the legislature's website, scroll to bill search, choose the session and year, change HB to ACT, and click view.

*Committee minutes can be ordered from the House Docket 225-342-6458 or the Senate Docket 225-342-2365.

1996 & earlier, you will need the bill number, year, and session.  This information is in the Acts of Louisiana.  With this information, legislative histories can be ordered from the House Docket 225-342-6458 or the Senate Docket 225-342-2365.

Before 1976, there is no written or recorded legislative history information, except for entries in the Legislative Calendar.

What Documents Are Used To Compile A Louisiana Legislative History?

Official information generated before a bill becomes a law make a legislative history. These include edited verions of a bill, committee hearing minutes or recordings about a bill, and legislative calendar and journal entries which track bill progress through the legislative process.  The House and Senate do not issue reports on bills. 

Unofficial sources can also be helpful and include bill sponsors as well as law review and newspaper articles.

State Library Resources



1996 & Earlier

Before 1950








Calendars, Resumes, and Journals

State Library of Louisiana

(Calendars & Journals from mid-19th Century to the present.  Resumes from mid-1950s to the present)

Law Library of Louisiana

(complete set - some available only in French)

Committee Meetings/Hearings


(1999 to present)


(2008 to present) 

Legislative Archives (225-922-1209  has some audiotapes back to the late 1970s)

The Law Library of Louisiana and area law school libraries in can also be helpful.  Please contact them for more information about their holdings and services.

Video & Audio Resources

Mail Resources


For More Information:

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