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Civil Service Exams & Test Preparation: Welcome

Test preparation guides alphabetized by occupation. All books are available from the State Library. Please ask a Reference Librarian when you have questions. (Images may differ from actual item.)


Welcome to the State Library of Louisiana's Civil Service Exam and Test Preparation guide.  Here you will find a number of electronic resources and test preparation books that will help you prepare for a variety of civil service exams.  All books are available from the State Library through interlibrary loan.

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New Office Support Exam (OSE) to Replace the Coast

By Max Reichert
Civil Service Staffice Division Assistant Administrator
State Civil Service has developed a new test to replace the Clerical, Office and Administrative Support Test (COAST) that is currently used to select persons applying for clerical and administrative support jobs in the classified service. The new test is the Office Support Exam (OSE). August 30, 2013,was be the last date for applicants to take the COAST exam. Applicants may begin taking the new OSE on September 3, 2013. However, the grades will not become active until November 4, 2013. This delay is necessary to build up the new eligible lists. There will be a transition period from September3, 2013, through November 3, 2013. During the transition period, agencies will still be able to post and fill vacancies, but eligible lists will be based on the old COAST exam scores. All COAST grades will expire on November 3, 2013, and will no longer beavailable to be used for probational appointments, job appointments or promotions. Beginning November 4, 2013, agencies will post vacancies using eligible lists based on the new OSE. Applicants are strongly encouraged to take the OSE test during the transition period so they will be able to apply for vacancies as soon as possible using the new OSE scores, starting November 4, 2013. Sample test questions for the new OSE are currently available on our website located under the Test Application Information and SampleTest Questions link in the Job Seeker Resources portal.

The new OSE grades will expire two years from the date they become effective. State Civil Service is also implementing a new general policy of grade expiration for all tests.
Effective November 4, 2013, all test scores for tests administered by State Civil Service will have a two-year expiration date. This includes the OfficeSupport Exam (OSE), Professional Level Exam (PLE), Law Enforcement & Protective Services (LEAPS), Accounting Paraprofessional Test, Engineering Technician Test, Parish Highway Maintenance Superintendent Test and Highway Foreman Test.
Applicants who take any of these tests from this date forward will receive a grade that will expire two years from the date it becomes effective. For persons who already have grades that were formerly non-expiring for the LEAPS, Accounting Paraprofessional Test, Engineering Technician Test, Parish Highway Maintenance Superintendent Test or Highway ForemanTest, such grades will now expire on November 3,2015.

For more details regarding the implementationof the OSE and new grade expiration policy, refer toGeneral Circular Number 2013-017.

For questions regarding the implementation of the new test, please email Max Reichert, Staffing DivisionAssistant Administrator at

PLE Study Guide

****NEW**** PLE study guide now available.  Ask at the Reference Desk of the State Library for more information.

While the questions in the new PLE study guide are not the same as the old PET study guide, the PET guides continue to remain useful.  Civil Service has informed us that the type of knowledge needed to answer the questions remains the same.